Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mixing it up . . .

Well, the power was out again yesterday, but fortunately I had several hours of power left in my laptop, so you get a post earlier than you normally might have. 

I’m going to be switching things up a bit here in blog land, and along with remembrances and recipes, you’ll be getting the occasional book review.

Why? Well, for one thing, I write them. Books. Remember? In addition to my many other skills. And I read them. Voraciously. 

But mostly because it’s all about the story with me. Spoken, written, visual, it’s all story. And it’s all important. Because that’s how we learn, by story. We learn how to do concrete things, like cook. We learn how life was in a place we love, back before we could live it ourselves. And hopefully, we learn something about other people, and that way, about ourselves. 

And hey, if you are wondering why I am reviewing some of the books I’m reviewing, all I shall say for now is: patience. All will be revealed soon.

I love Juvenile and YA books. Always have. And now, with the Hunger Games, and the Twilight series, it’s become ok to admit it. Not that being slightly strange ever stopped me. 

Chris Grabenstein writes books, both adult and juvenile, that are great fun to read. And I’m not just saying that because I knew him in college. Honest.

Chris Grabenstein’s The Crossroads is his first YA/Juvenile novel, and I am almost as impressed with it as I am with his adult mysteries. 

Zack Jennings is a great character, an 11-year-old boy who’s a bit of a nerd and a loner. To make matters worse, he sees and hears things, things that are a lot like ghosts. His father’s remarriage and their move to his hometown bring Zack up against a variety of unsavory characters, both human and long-dead, and he is tapped to help right some long-ago wrongs. In the process he gains self-confidence, learns to trust himself, and takes us on a rollicking good ride in the process.

Read the book. 
Give it to your kids. 
They won’t even realize they’re learning something.