Friday, February 22, 2013

Have you ever thought- I wish I'd grown up here?

There are places I've come across in my travels where I felt instantly at home. There are places I've felt odd connections with, as if I had been there at some other time in my life, without being able to pinpoint where in my world this could have occurred.

Haven't we all felt that, an instant ease with a place, as if, if we just closed our eyes and turned right, we'd come upon some identifiable landmark, some building we knew we'd been in before?


Well, perhaps that's just me, a result of too much solitary traveling.

Yet, in all my travels, I've only come across one place that made me think- I wish I'd grown up here.

Let's call that place Summerhood Island.

I wish I'd learned to swim in that cove, sail in that harbor. I want to have taken my shoes off the moment my feet hit the ferry dock and not put them on again until labor day. I want this place to have wired the neural pathways of my brain.

I'll have to settle for knowing some stories, telling others, and making up the ones I wish I'd had. But I'll let you in on a not so secret secret-

I want all the adventures to have been mine. 

Welcome to my blog.