Monday, March 6, 2017

As I may have reminded you before . . .

I'm going to be doing several readings and workshops with elementary schools at the Virginia Festival of the Book in a few weeks. It's a crafty scheme to get Washed Up in the Waves in front of new audiences. because that's what authors do. We try and get people to read our books. 

I know, crazy, huh? I'll bet you thought we just sat in our houses (or offices or studios or garrets or curled up in bed in our pajamas) and wrote books.

You probably also thought beautiful lucid prose and/or poetry flowed out of us without effort,winging its way from brain to page with nary a correction or afterthought.

I have some bad new for you  about the tooth fairy.

My point, (and I occasionally do have them) is that a book needs publicity. More than that, it needs good publicity. And while not all of you dear gentle readers of mine happen to be book reviews for the NYT or the Guardian or even the local Supermarket Shopper rag, most of you have fingers. At least two, which is all I type with.

And here's the odd thing about the dark interwebnet- the more times your name or the name of your book pops up on it, the more often people will then be able to find you. Or something like that. My brilliant nephew attempted to explain this to me when he built my beautiful new website and embedded all sorts of mystical magical potions into the site. 

But how can I help, you may ask?

Well, I am sure of few things in life. But I do know that many more than 13 of you have read Washed Up in the Waves. I know this because I have dark mystical powers (and also the sales figures from my publisher).  

Maybe not all who have purchased have read. Although, come on, people, it's 28 pages and half of them are pictures.

So do help me out here. Click on

You don't have to actually write a review. Just gimme some stars.

Of course if you want to write some thing like "A heartbreaking work of magnificent brilliance," or "I laughed, I cried, I went out into the multitudes and did good works,"
that'd be ok too.
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