Sunday, March 17, 2013

The news you’ve been waiting for . . .

No, I’m not opening a food truck. And somehow I have been overlooked (again) for a MacArthur grant. But this news is almost as exciting. At least to me.

I have a book contract for my first middle-grade/tween adventure novel, tentatively titled Coyote Summer.   Aha! Now the middle grade book review makes sense, hmm?

Anyway, how exciting is this? You’ll be hearing much more about this as the months go by, as the first book is due out this fall.

Yep, I said first. I’m writing a series. Set, oddly enough on an island. An island very similar to Cuttyhunk. But it’s not Cuttyhunk, for obvious reasons. One of which is I had to add on some extra island to fit all the places in the books.

So for all of you who voted with your fingers (121 views for the recipe blog to 32 for the book review blog) I can only say –

I’m sorry. You knew I wrote books when you started reading this blog. I promise more recipes in the future. And anecdotes, and memories, and pictures. 

And a book plug now and then. Because everyone needs to read.  And not just because I write. Although that’s a good reason, I admit.

And also, WHOOOHOOO!!