Friday, May 9, 2014

So I just got back

from a week in New England, and considering that it’s been forever since I wrote a new blog I really should be working on one. Instead, i find myself using those precious pre-dawn hours when no one but me is awake
(well okay the dogs are awake, but just barely, drowsily awaiting their walks) 

catching up on posts from Jenny Lawson (a.k.a. The Bloggess), watching videos of dancing dogs, and reading articles from the Guardian that my aunt sends me. 

Oh, and free cell.  We mustn’t forget free cell.   I use it as a sort of mental barometer. If I can’t win a game of free cell I should just go outside and play in the dirt but not attempt anything more complicated than that.  Or cook something.  I can weed or plant things or cook with approximately 1/3 of my brain working.  But everything else should be put on hold.  

This is all to explain that since I have returned from New England where everyone is reasonably well and the island of Cuttyhunk 

(which is so suspiciously similar to the island in my book Coyote Summer) has obligingly remained much as I left it, I’ve had a serious attack of the shoulds.  

I should be promoting my new book. 
I should be working at setting up readings, getting the book into bookstores and libraries, probing my friends for addresses of places to send promotional material, harassing people who have read the book into reviewing it on Amazon, or at least giving it four stars.  Five stars of course are preferable, but I want to allow you a little latitude so it doesn’t seem like I’m pressuring you.  

And mostly, I should be writing a blog post.  There’s a problem, though.  

There are lilacs blooming outside my office window.  My strawberries are flowering. 
My basil and nasturtiums need to be hardened off,
my sunflowers, carrots, and beets need to be planted.  
and this poor little guy. what about him?

Need versus should.  I should be promoting my book.  I need to have my hands in dirt. 


i was just kidding 

So this is what you get: ramblings with no real purpose and a little announcement at the end. 

I have a reading and book signing at Books and Company here in  Lexington, Virginia on Saturday, May 17.  11:00 a.m. Suitable for both children and adults.I
There will be cookies.  And I would so like to see you there.