Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Big news . . .

Washed Up in the Waves has been selected for the Virginia Festival of the Book! http://vabook.org/

It’s not all the way super exciting in that I won’t be reading at one of the bookstore venues. So don’t rush to buy those plane tickets and make your hotel reservations. Save that for the seats to the Broadway musical which I am sure will come along any day now.  Admit it, I’m at least as singable as Dr. Seuss.

 Spell check informs me singable is not a word. Spell check has obviously not heard my morning songs to the dogs. I am every bit as singable as Sondheim.

But I digress.

I will be doing a minimum of four classroom visits over 2-3 days. Possibly more, and the book will be on the website and available at all venues in Charlottesville. Which will be lovely. I am also trying to get my publisher to take a table at the Saturday publishing venue in the Omni. Feel free to hound and harass them to do so. marinermedia.com

Of course he could also be persuaded by book sales. Apparently, (astoundingly enough) not all of you have purchased this book yet. Now, you may be thinking, “But Margo, I don’t have a small child 2-10 to give this book to.” Or even, “To whom to give this book,” because I know some of my friends are grammar control freaks.

And I will grant you, it is a pricy paperback to buy just because you adore me. Although that is certainly a fine reason in and of itself. (Yes, grammar check, I know that is a sentence fragment.  After all these years  of typing together,you don't know me well enough not to  bother pointing those out? I am deeply hurt, spell check)

But really, have you checked out the E-book price? 3.99! Less that a double skinny mochachino or whatever it is you drink with all the foam on top.  I see you, frothy drink buyers-

So go buy the book. If you have prime on amazon it’s practically free. Maybe it is free. I don’t usually buy my own E-books.

Buy the book. Send Margo to camp. 
Oh, wait. That’s a different campaign.

Anyway, go buy it. If you don’t like it tell me and I will refund the purchase price and send Vinny over to erase it from your mind.

We thank you for your support.
By the way, Calvin never did come through. Will trade books for venison.