Friday, April 15, 2016

Youse guys . . .

are NOT paying attention.

I has this book, see? 
And it swell, be.
Youse can have it free
as a book-e.

All you gots to do
is write a line or two.
Don't even need to be you,
your kid can write one too.
I tell you, it's da bomb.
Sign up your dad and mom,
even your uncle Dom.

I need stars and reviews,
like them to come from youse,
and in return, you see,
you get some poetry
a tiny piece of me
and absolutely free.

Do it. Do it now.

Tank youse.

And you can click on this,
give amazon a miss,
Barnes and Noble too
all of the giants who
take half of each sale. True
and sometimes even more. 
Or, visit a local store.
But if you go through me,
I'll sign your book for free,
give you a discount too, 
dedicate it to you.