Wednesday, May 18, 2016

i'm pretty sure you can never have enough . . .

pictures of happy dog butts.

I bet that was not how you expected that sentence to end. Although if you have known me long this is exactly the kind of comment you'd expect me to make.

These pups may be getting on, but they are still happy to be doing something they love.

You know who else is happy? These kids.

Yellow Brick Road preschool
I read to them last week. I also read to Earthsong Montessori but I didn't get any pictures there. Sorry, Earthsong. Guess you don't get your fifteen minutes of fame. At least not from me. 

In all, I've read my silly sea poems to over 80 kids in the last two weeks.

True, some of this was shameless self promotion. But it may have worked. We sold a ridiculous amount of books before and during the signing on Saturday.
Bruce Macdonald looking dapper and artistic, and me in my hammerhead shark shirt.
me looking dapperly authorish
I don't know where most of you were, but you missed a swell time.

The book, looking appropriately bookish.
Also the fish inside are gazing longingly at the baked goods.
 You cannot see this but I could have shown you if you'd been there. Your loss.