Thursday, June 5, 2014

I know, I know. Mea culpa.

It's been almost a month.  And besides informing and amusing you, this blog is supposed to keep your interest so that every once in a while I can subtly slide in a plug for my new book.  Which at this point happens to be Coyote Summer.
buy the book, buy the book.

Okay, that's done.

I have no real explanation except that it's spring, and I am in a new house, and that means a new garden, and an actual yard, both of which entail a great deal of physical labor.  Which, at this point in my life, is not my strong suit.

So instead of writing I am playing in the dirt.  

And doing some promotion and publicity.  Nothing compared to Chris Grabenstein 
Wow! The book is already a New York Times best seller, an Agatha Award winner, a Nerdie award winner, and nominated for all sorts of state book awards.
who shames me daily on Facebook, but some.

None of this would be possible without help.  I have an amazing law student helping me with my book promotion, doing all the computer things my hands cannot.

And we have most wonderful caretakers, an old friend from my college theater days who I had not seen for thirty-five years.
dick and dr d replant an almond that got too big for its britches
 He and his wife have moved into the cabin and are caretaking our beloved property.  We went to dinner there this weekend, and it was an odd feeling, sitting in a dining room that had once been ours.  But they have made the house and land a part of themselves with so much love
the "veranda"

that I can almost be all right with leaving it.

Almost. It's always going to hurt.

But I have my new yard to play in, and my tiny garden.  And my friend and I have accomplished many projects,an amazing arbor
dick exiting arbor, stage right
for (hopefully) kiwi vines, and capturing the cherry pie tree

and the blueberries
so they cannot run off.  You would think that the fence would be enough to keep them in, but honestly, think about it.  If you had three dogs peeing on you, wouldn't you want to run?
especially these dogs

Anyway, the world is now safe from fruit. and the birds, let me tell you, the birds are pissed.

The dogs have moved on to more proper city dog pursuits, like telephone poles and even the occasional hydrant. 

And me? I am moving on. I am. I'm just a bit slower than my dogs.
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