Friday, April 4, 2014

Apparently you have to . . .

Actually post a blog post. Just because you send something to a group of people on Facebook, and then make up a blog, this does not mean it automatically appears. You still have to do the actual posting. Or it just sits there.  Who knew?

Okay ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and any assorted animals that know how to type,

(I have trouble reading animal handwriting) it’s time for a contest.  We haven’t had a contest in quite a while, and the exciting part about this one is that although you might have to do a bit more work than just think up the name of an island, there are many more chances to win.
Here’s how it works: you send me the names and addresses or emails of at least three elementary or middle school librarians
or the children’s librarians at your local library.  
I put your name in the hat
for chance to win an autographed, personalized copy of Coyote Summer. 
Every time I get ten entries I’ll have a drawing.  So you have a one in ten chance of winning.  When I get to ten I will start over again but your name will still be in the hat if you didn’t win the first time.  So you have another chance when I hit twenty entries.  And of course if you want to send me three more names I’ll enter you again.  That can really ramp up your chances of winning.
Of course you can win my undying love and affection by sending me the name of a librarian or middle school teacher that you know personally, and allow me to contact them using your name.  It doesn’t matter if any of the leads pan out or not, you still get entered in the drawing.
So get started, people!  Get out those online phone books.  Get out those paper phone books, if you still have one of those. 

Call up your child’s school and asked who buys the books.

This is either called personalized marketing,
using your friends and relatives,
or pandering to me so I will stop annoying you. 
 Or all three. Whatever works.