Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well, my friends . . .

I know it’s been a while, but we’ve been moving from the country into town. It has been hard leaving my beloved cabin, but I know it is in good hands with our caretakers, and we still have the little guest cabin to get away from it all. 

“It all” being the booming metropolis of Lexington, VA, population 6000.

I know, but I haven’t lived in a town since 1981. It’s hard. 
There are people everywhere. 
Oh, and curtains. I need curtains. Ugh.

But we put up a fence for the dogs, and that helps. 
Actually, Jake Wilson put it up. Board by hand cut board. The old-fashioned way. 

It’s a beautiful fence.

And the property has afforded some much appreciated surprises. 
Like a strawberry patch -

Mature blueberry bushes -

2 asian pear trees –

Gooseberries –
A fig tree –

This is a pie cherry tree.
It was loaded with half ripe fruit when we arrived, I watched as we unpacked the first day after the move as a dozen birds and two hungry squirrels stripped t bare. You can still see many of the dried seeds hanging.
And -
A wonderful old apple tree that must have been on this corner for ages -

Oh, and there’s a grapevine on the back wall,

 and some asparagus, which we missed.

The house is about half in order, although there’s nothing on the walls yet. It’s hot, and noisy, and we need a dog door.
But when I get a bit overwhelmed I go outside and look at my mini-garden and orchard.

It helps.

Thank you, Phil and Daphne. We’ll take good care of your house for you.