Saturday, April 13, 2013

If you give a dog a walk . . .

Spring returned this morning after three crazy days of heat, and I was actually able to wait till after 8 a.m. to walk the dogs. Took the camera this time, so this shall be a rather pictorial blog. And yes, spellcheck thinks that’s a word, so it is.

what are we waiting for?

The dogs are extremely happy to be walking, after a day of rain and no walk. An acre and a half of yard and woods invisibly fenced off for them to run in, and they want to walk with a human. I think we’ve taken this domestication thing too far.
 lets go!
mandy shows off her new hair growing back. (it is, i insist it is.)

the stream is running full
 chance inspects the storm damage

we are #247 on the list for cleanup. or maybe 237. it's hard to keep track.
 the pink guy shows up every year down by the creek. i just love him.

some bird planted this. haven't seen it before on the road. birdscaping. nice touch.
now this is a happy dog.
 the first mayapples
i swear, there is something exciting here!

brave bug needs a drink. walking is hard work.

come on, i know it's steep. but at the end is breakfast!
the end. (with pansies)